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Watch David speaking to Sky News about the Tunsia Terrorist Attack and the Tunisia Charity Single here


At 8.15 on Saturday 10th David will be speaking live on SKY NEWS about the Tunisia Single. To buy the single click here

Pianist David Schofield from Manchester releases a charity single of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on Friday 10th July after returning home from Tunisia after the terrorist attacks.
David returned home from Sousse on Saturday 27th June. He was one of the first flights home to the UK. He was on holiday at the time with his girlfriend Nicole Harris. They were sunbathing by the pool at the Royal Kenz Hotel which is situated just 200 meters from the beach where the massacre took place.

David said “We were sunbathing by one of the pools in our hotel when we noticed a lot of guests moving inside. Staff were asking everyone to get inside. I asked one of them what was going on and she said there are police with guns so at this point we were still not sure what was going on…We then carried on towards the hotel and at that point, we heard a grenade go off.”

When David returned home to Manchester he wanted to help in some way and as a concert pianist he decided to release a single of an arrangement of the well known “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. All profits from this will go to the Red Cross, who were not only there in Tunisia after it happened, but also offer support for everyone involved.

David said “The Red Cross is an amazing organization and I know people will definitely benefit from their help and support after such a terrible event. Over the Rainbow is an absolutely beautiful piece of music that is full of hope. Personally, I find the piece very emotional so hope it will offer some comfort or release to those affected by the attacks. I urge everyone to donate by purchasing the track on iTunes or any of the other digital outlets. All the profits from this will go directly to the Red Cross.

He continued to say “I dedicate this single to all those affected by the attacks in Tunisia on the 27th June. Everyone will have their own memories of that terrible day and hope this piece of music helps them in whatever way it can.”

David studied at Chethams School of Music in Manchester for nine years before moving to Chicago to take up a scholarship. In his second year in America he performed his debut in Carnegie Hall in New York and since then has performed on BBC television, at the London Olympic Games and had his work broadcast on Classic FM.

The single is available on iTunes and all other digital outlets. You can visit to get direct links.

All profits from this single will go directly to the Red Cross Charity.

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