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British Pianist David Schofield performs a new virtuosic piano cover of Pirates of the Caribbean. This Pirates of the Caribbean virtuosic piano cover includes a string orchestra. It is a cover of Jarrod Radnich’s virtuosic solo piano arrangement of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Watch the video here:

The latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie is called Dead Men Tell No Tales was released in the UK on 27th May 2017. David wanted to create a new virtuosic piano cover version to celebrate this release. The original Pirates of the caribbean was composed by Klaus Badelt. This virtuosic piano cover of Pirates of the Caribbean recreates well the drama of the movie which features Johny Depp and Kiera Knightly.

David’s piano cover of Pirates of the Caribbean is also available on the usual digital outlets such as Spotify and iTunes. The links to stream and download are as follows.

To download Pirates of the Caribbean virtuosic piano cover for 99p on iTunes please click here –

To stream Pirates of the Caribbean piano cover on Spotify please click here –

About David

Since having his Carnegie Hall debut at the early age of 19, British pianist David Schofield has had numerous engagements across the United Kingdom, Europe, Ukraine, United States of America and Canada. Known for his fresh and colourful interpretations of the piano repertoire, partnered with his unrivalled youthful energy and personality, David is fast becoming one of the UK’s best crossover artists.

In recent years, his performances have been broadcast on BBC television and radio along with live performances across London’s West End, the London Olympic Games and London’s Tower Bridge. His unique approach to the piano, his repertoire selection and personality, has meant his music has reached a diverse range of people, from the best concert pianists in the world right the way through to well-known TV personalities and celebrities.

Keep up to date with this Pirates of the Caribbean release please follow David Schofield online at the following links. Twitter @britishpianist, on instagram or on Facebook

Pirates of the Caribbean Piano solo | David Schofield

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